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Acquire artworks


Buy Art from the studio

You can buy art directly from my studio. So you save not only the complicated way through gallery owners or other intermediaries, but also save on the price. In addition, you get information about the artwork from the first source.


Would you like to enhance your rooms alternately with new artworks? No problem. You can also rent my artworks on time:

3 months: 15% of the purchase price

6 months: 25% of the purchase price

12 months: 35% of the purchase price

If you decide to buy the rented artworks after the expiration of the rental period, the amount already paid for the corresponding rental period will be deducted from the purchase price.


I offer an approx. 2-hour tour of my artwork incl. an artistic "tasting" with materials of your choice in my studio. For this, a lump sum of 99, - € will be charged.Should it come to a rental contract, a binding order or a registration for one of my course offerings, this amount is reduced by 50%. In case of a sales contract this amount is waived completely.

Just write me or call me and we will make an appointment.

Works on Commission

Imitating other artworks

Is there a particular motif that is close to your heart? You would like to have it but for various reasons it is not possible? No problem. I will make you a copy based on a model of your motif. Talk to me. Show me your desired image, we will discuss it together and depending on the size, material and effort we will agree on a price.

The average price for a copy in acrylic on canvas, depending on the effort: from 1800,-€/sqm (in oil on canvas + 25%) ab 1800,-€/qm (in Öl auf LW + 25%)


Single portrait:60 x 50* cm: 500,- € (with hands: + 250,- €)

Double portrait: 60 x 80* cm: 975,- € (with hands: + 450,- €)

Family portrait up to four persons: 70 x 100 cm: 1800,- € (with hands: + 200,- € each; for each additional person + 350,- with hands: p.p. + 180,- €)

  • The prices are for the technique "acrylic on canvas" and a neutral background.
  • For an oil painting 25% will be added to the respective prices.
  • If you want a "backdrop" as a background, for example, with pieces of furniture, landscape, etc., depending on the effort, at least 20% of the base price will be added
  • For a full body portrait please add approx. 30 % to the respective basic prices

*The formats are of course also individually selectable. In this case the prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Mural Art

Do you want a specific motif on a wall in your apartment, house, villa, company or anywhere else? Let us develop and plan creative ideas together.

Price per square meter (depending on effort): from 800,- €

Courses Offered

Single, individualised personal instruction

The Single, individualised personal instruction lend themselves to intensive study, where I am available to my students for the entire duration of the lesson. The time is used effectively and concentrated

Since there are no fellow students, the student is optimally challenged and encouraged in private lessons.

Children (7 - 12 years) 85,- € per 2 teaching units (90 min.)

Youths (13 – 18 Jahre)                            95,- € pro 2UE (90 Min.)

Adults                                                  105,- € per 2 teaching units (90 min.)

From five dates there is a discount of 10 %

From ten dates there is a discount of 15 %

(the prices are incl. material costs)

(max. 4 Personen)

Children (7 - 12 years) 75,- € per 90 min./person

Youths (13 - 18 years) 85,- € per 90 min./person  

Adults                                                     99,- € per 90 min./person

From five dates there is a discount of 10 %

From ten dates there is a discount of 15 %

(the prices are incl. material costs)

Family Arts Sunday

Give yourself and your loved ones in the family a creative Sunday. Come to my studio on a Sunday together with your child or children or grandchildren and get creative. You can sign up for one of the following offerings:

  1. 1. Painting after old masters
  2. 2. Portrait painting
  3. 3. Paint experiments
  4. 4. Bookbinding
  5. 5. Or suggest something yourself. I am open to any constructive idea

Date: on a Sunday of your choice (depending on availability!), 10 am - 3 pm 

Price: 1 child & 1 parent*: 180,- € (each additional person, no matter what age: + 60,- €)

Material will be provided

Please bring a snack

(* of course, instead of one parent, another person with parental authority can also participate)

No suitable offer found?  

Then get in touch with me. Let's think together about a creative format adapted to your individual requirements. 

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Laila Sahrai

+49 (0) 761 155 354 12

Vordermattenstraße 2

79108 Freiburg


Laila Sahrai

+49 (0) 761 155 354 12

Vordermattenstraße 2

79108 Freiburg

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