2002 – 2007 Study of Fine Arts with focus on Painting, Drawing, Graphics and Visual Communication at the AKI - Academy of Art & Design in Enschede/NL (graduated with distinction)

2014 Postgraduate Studies in Visual Profiling at the Freie Landesakademie Kunst in Freiburg, Germany

2015 /16 Master´s Degree in Fine Arts at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences near Bonn (graduated with distinction)

When I start painting, the "preliminary work" is already done. The gate to the secrets of the heart is broken open and I am "channeled" over the borders of thinking, beyond customs and "of/f senses". The courage to freedom humbly cries out at the top of my lungs in silent grace. New truths find me as a medium and fulfill themselves. My paintings draw from the soul and communicate through the mind, the goal in view....

Like my great idols (Picassó among others), I have "basically always done only one thing: Love"... 


Laila Sahrai


+49 (0) 761 155 354 12

Vordermattenstraße 2

79108 Freiburg

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